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We’ve searched for media titles (including their former names and callsigns), tags, places, and people named ‘chr’, and for media news stories. We’ve also attempted to correct some misspellings, too.

Media titles and organisations

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AU flagMelbourne 
AU flagGeelong 
Bedrock RadioBedrock Radio
GB flagHavering, Barking and Dagenham, Redbridge 
Branch FMBranch FM
GB flagDewsbury 
Christmas FMChristmas FM
IE flagIreland 
COG Grand RadioCOG Grand Radio
GB flagNewcastle & Gateshead 
Flame CCRFlame CCR
GB flagWirral 
Hope 103.2Hope 103.2
AU flagSydney 
Radio Maria EnglandRadio Maria England
GB flagLondon & Cambridge 
TheLight ChristmasTheLight Christmas
AU flagMelbourne, VIC 
GB flagUK 
GB flagUK 
AU flagHobart, TAS 
The Wave 80sThe Wave 80s
GB flagSwansea & South West Wales 
The Cat 107.9The Cat 107.9
GB flagNantwich & Crewe 
104.8 Channel 4104.8 Channel 4
AE flagUnited Arab Emirates 
Fresh West MidlandsFresh West Midlands
GB flagWest Midlands 
Cheshire's MIX 56Cheshire's MIX 56
GB flagWarrington and Cheshire 
Cheshire's Silk RadioCheshire's Silk Radio
GB flagMacclesfield and East Cheshire 



The ChronicleThe Chronicle
GB flagNewcastle-upon-Tyne 
Fulham & Hammersmith ChronicleFulham & Hammersmith Chronicle
GB flagThe London Borough of Hammersmith and Fulham 
Newbury and Thatcham ChronicleNewbury and Thatcham Chronicle
GB flagNewbury and Thatcham 
The Reading ChronicleThe Reading Chronicle
GB flagReading, Tilehurst, Woodley, Earley, West Berkshire, North Hampshire, South Oxfordshire 
Sevenoaks ChronicleSevenoaks Chronicle
GB flagNorth West Kent 
Westminster ChronicleWestminster Chronicle
GB flagMarylebone & Paddington Mercury,Pimlico Mercury 


Other organisations


Adam Gilchrist
Presenter, BFBS Northern Ireland 
Adam Gilchrist
Journalist, BFBS UK 
Alastair MachrayAlastair Machray
Editor, Liverpool Echo 
Andy Christian
Presenter, In Demand Radio 
Angela Gilchrist
Editor-in-Chief, The People's Friend 
Bert Schroeder
Presenter, Radio Wirral 
Chris Alder
Head of News, Wellington Weekly News 
Chris Anderton
Presenter, The Cat 107.9 
Chris Arnold
Engineer, Radio Plus 
Chris Arnold
Presenter, TotalRock 
Chris Arnold
Presenter, Sheffield Live! TV 
Chris BaileyChris Bailey
Founder, The Boy In The Corner 
Chris Barnes
Editor, Rhythm 
Chris Barry
Business Editor, Manchester Evening News 
Chris Bartlett
Editor, Your Sport 
Chris Baxter
Presenter, BBC Radio Nottingham 
Chris Beattie
Editor, Heartland FM 
Chris BerrowChris Berrow
Business Development, Cam FM 
Chris Berry
Editor, Ayr Hospitals Radio 
Chris Best
Presenter, Time 107.5 
Chris Birkett
Digital Editor, IC Radio 
Chris BirksChris Birks
Producer, BBC Radio Derby 
Chris BlackmoreChris Blackmore
Presenter, Gaydio 
Chris Blakemore
News Editor, BBC Radio WM 
Chris BlumerChris Blumer
Presenter, Bridge FM 
Chris BondChris Bond
Journalist, Yorkshire Post 
Chris Bonnar
Presenter, Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service 
Chris BoodramChris Boodram
Presenter, Liberty Radio 
Chris BovairdChris Bovaird
Content controller, Greatest Hits Radio Lancashire (Blackpool) 
Chris BreeseChris Breese
Editor, Notts TV 
Chris Britcher
Editor, Tunbridge Wells on Saturday 
Chris Brookbanks
Chief Technology Officer, Beyond Radio 
Chris BrooksChris Brooks
Presenter, Smooth Radio Peterborough 
Chris Brooks
Programme Director, Radio Essex 
Chris Brown
Presenter, Cambridge 105 Radio 
Chris Brown
Presenter, 107.8 Radio Jackie 
Chris Brown
Presenter, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 
Chris Buckler
Presenter, BBC Radio Ulster 
Chris Buckley
Presenter, Greatest Hits Radio Manchester & the North West (DAB) 
Chris Buxton
Editor, Gazette & Herald 
Chris BylandChris Byland
Producer, Premier Gospel 
Chris Cadman
Presenter, The Cat 107.9 
Chris Caine
Presenter, Manx Radio 
Chris Carnegy
Presenter, Greatest Hits Radio Derbyshire (Ashbourne) 
Chris Carter
Editor, Ilford Recorder 
Chris Carter
Presenter, Tulip Radio 
Chris Cattrall
Editor, Canals, Rivers + Boats magazine 
Chris Cee
Presenter, In Demand Radio 
Chris Chase
Programme Director + Fianace Director, Coastway 
Chris ChilversChris Chilvers
Music Programmer, Classic FM 
Chris ClementsChris Clements
Social Affairs Correspondent, BBC Scotland 
Chris Cobcroft
Presenter, 4ZZZ 
Chris Cole
Managing Director, The GOD Channel Europe 
Chris Cole
Presenter, Cross Rhythms Plymouth 96.3fm 
Chris Colford
Presenter, Irvine Beat FM 
Chris Collman
Presenter, East Devon Radio 
Chris Cook
Presenter, Slack City 
Chris Coombs
Presenter, Kidderminster Hospital Radio 
Chris Cooper
Presenter, Hull's 107FM 
Chris Cotton
Regional Content Director, Hallam FM 
Chris CoxonChris Coxon
Presenter, Durham Onair 
Chris Criddle
Presenter, Greatest Hits Radio Somerset (West Somerset) 
Chris Curtis
News editor, Broadcast 
Chris Curtis
Presenter, Coast and County Radio 
Chris Dale
Presenter, TotalRock 
Chris Daly
Presenter, Source FM 
Chris DaviesChris Davies
Station Manager, Merthyr Hospital Broadcasting 
Chris Davis
Presenter, KAKQ-FM - Magic 101.1 
Chris DawkesChris Dawkes
Journalist, ITV1 
Chris Dawson
Presenter, Spice FM 
Chris Dearle
Presenter, Radio West Middlesex 
Chris Deighton
Secretary / Administration, Bedrock Radio 
Chris Dent
Presenter, Hospital Radio Pulse 
Chris Dickie
Publisher, The British Journal of Photography 
Chris DickinsChris Dickins
Presenter, Radio X 
Chris Dinnis
Presenter, DevonAiR Gold 
Chris DixonChris Dixon
Presenter, Palace Radio 1278am 
Chris Dowell
Advertising Manager/Director, Resource 
Chris Eggett
Secretary, Radio Tyneside 
Chris Elliott
Presenter, Reverse FM UK 
Chris Elliott
Presenter, Grimsby Hospital Radio 
Chris EvansChris Evans
Presenter, Virgin Radio UK 
Chris FeltonChris Felton
Presenter, Nova Radio North East 102.5FM 
Chris Forbes
Presenter, Delite Radio 
Chris Fosbrook
Presenter, The Flash 
Chris Fowle
Presenter, Epsom Hospital Radio 
Chris Gee
Presenter, Hospital Radio Pulse 
Chris George
Content Director, Digital Camera Magazine 
Chris Gerry
Presenter, Radio Newquay 
Chris Gilvear
Producer, Jazz FM 
Chris GoldsChris Golds
Presenter, LBC News 
Chris Goreham
Presenter, BBC Radio Norfolk 
Chris GouldChris Gould
CEO, All In Media 
Chris Grantham
Presenter, Radio Tamworth 
Chris Green
Managing Director, Yorkshire Post 
Chris Green
Editor, Data Business 
Chris Green
Presenter, Palace Radio 1278am 
Chris HaganChris Hagan
News Editor, UTV 
Chris Hajdar
Presenter, 96.5 Bolton FM 
Chris HallamChris Hallam
Journalist, BINGEBOX 
Chris Hancock
Presenter, Radio Tircoed 
Chris Handscomb
Presenter, Apple FM 
Chris Harby
Sports Editor, Melton Times 
Chris Hare
Head of News, Pulse Radio 
Chris Hart
Presenter, Radio St Helier 
Chris Hatton
News editor, Basildon Evening Echo 
Chris Hawkins
Presenter, BBC Radio 6 Music 
Chris Helme
Presenter, Phoenix Radio 96.7 
Chris Hill
Presenter, Sedgemoor FM 
Chris HoodChris Hood
Producer, Phoenix FM 
Chris Hopkins
Presenter, Source Radio 
Chris Hornby
Advertising Manager/Director, Artrocker Magazine Ltd 
Chris Houston
Presenter, Irvine Beat FM 
Chris Howell
Head of Music, UKRD Group 
Chris Hughes
Chairman, Hereford Hospital Radio 
Chris HullChris Hull
Presenter, Rebel FM 
Chris HumphrisChris Humphris
Producer and Travel Reporter, LBC 
Chris Hurst
Chairman, Chester's Dee Radio 
Chris Hutchings
Presenter, Southampton HBA 
Chris Ingram
Presenter, Calon FM 
Chris Jackson
Engineer, Radio Freeway 
Chris JamesChris James
Head of News & Production, Local TV Ltd 
Chris JarvisChris Jarvis
Presenter, Little Radio 
Chris Jenkins
Editor, Home Cinema Choice 
Chris JohnsChris Johns
Columnist, The Irish Times 
Chris JohnsonChris Johnson
Presenter, Greatest Hits Radio West Yorkshire (Bradford) 
Chris Johnson
Station Manager, Talk Liverpool 
Chris Jones
Journalist, That's Thames Valley 
Chris Jones
Programme Manager/Controller, 102.3 HFM 
Chris Jones
Editor, Golf World 
Chris Jones
Presenter, 102.3 HFM 
Chris Jones
Managing Director, Capital Manchester 
Chris Kaye
Presenter, BFBS Catterick 
Chris KeenChris Keen
Radio Presenter, BFBS UK 
Chris Kempster
Managing Director, International DJ 
Chris Kempster
Publisher, Real Travel 
Chris Kinley
Presenter, Manx Radio 
Chris Kirk
Presenter, Heart North Lancashire and Cumbria 
Chris Kirk
Presenter, 96.5 Bolton FM 
Chris Knight
Programme Manager/Controller, 107.2 Amber Sound FM 
Chris Knight
Presenter, 107.2 Amber Sound FM 
Chris Lakey
Sports Editor, Eastern Daily Press 
Chris Lane
Presenter, Life FM 
Chris Lean
Editor, Digital Camera Buyer 
Chris Lennon
News editor, Welwyn and Hatfield Times 
Chris Lillington
News editor, Kingston Borough Guardian 
Chris Lillington
Editor, Daventry Express 
Chris Lofthouse
Presenter, Radio Hospitals Blackburn 
Chris LowrieChris Lowrie
Head of Production, LBC 
Chris Ludlow
Presenter, Radio North Angus 
Chris MackrellChris Mackrell
Digital Editor, 107.8 Black Diamond FM 
Chris MaguireChris Maguire
Editor, North West Business Insider 
Chris MakeyChris Makey
Presenter, Panda Radio UK 
Chris Malla
Station Manager, Hullfire Radio 
Chris Maltby
Producer, Gloucester FM 
Chris Manser
Programme Director, Hospital Radio Tunbridge Wells 
Chris MarsdenChris Marsden
Presenter, Vale Radio 
Chris MartinChris Martin
Presenter, Absolute Radio 60s 
Chris Martin
Journalist, Tech Advisor 
Chris MartinChris Martin
Presenter, FUBAR Radio 
Chris MasonChris Mason
Presenter, GTFM 107.9 
Chris Mason
Sports journalist, THE VIBE - Barnsley 
Chris MasonChris Mason
Political Editor, BBC News (UK) 
Chris McLaren
Publisher, The Book Magazine 
Chris McLaughlinChris McLaughlin
Sports News Correspondent, BBC Scotland 
Chris Michaels
Presenter, WZHT - Hot 105.7 
Chris Middleditch
Chairman, Woodside Hospital Radio 
Chris Middleton
News/Social Media, Radio Tyneside 
Chris Milow
Presenter, Greatest Hits Radio Wigan & St Helens 
Chris MitchellChris Mitchell
Presenter, GO Radio 
Chris Money
Presenter, Radio St Helier 
Chris Moore
Presenter, Endeavour FM 
Chris Moran
Editor, Whitelines 
Chris Morley
Sales Director, The Universe 
Chris Morley
Presenter, Hot Radio 
Chris Morris
Managing Director, Plastic Rhino 
Chris Morris
Presenter, Xpression FM 
Chris Mountford
Presenter, Cross Rhythms Plymouth 96.3fm 
Chris MoylesChris Moyles
Presenter, Radio X 
Chris Mullany
Editor, Southwark News 
Chris Mullarvey
TV & Screen Trainer, SYN Media 
Chris Murray
Presenter, Atmosphere.Radio 
Chris Murray
Presenter, Edinburgh Hospital Broadcasting Service 
Chris Needs
Presenter, BBC Radio Wales 
Chris Nelson
Presenter, ARfm 
Chris NicollChris Nicoll
Creative Director IMGR, Wisebuddah 
Chris Nisbet
Digital Editor, Prince Bishops Hospital Radio 
Chris Nisbet
Presenter, Prince Bishops Hospital Radio 
Chris Northen
Presenter, SkyWave Radio 
Chris Norton
Presenter, Phonic FM 
Chris NuttallChris Nuttall
Journalist, Financial Times 
Chris O'BrienChris O'Brien
Political reporter - Brisbane, ABC Radio Brisbane 
Chris Orme
Presenter, Radio Broadgreen 
Chris PageChris Page
Weather Presenter ITV Anglia, ITV1 
Chris PalinChris Palin
Presenter, Big Hits Radio UK 
Chris Palin
Presenter, Reverse FM UK 
Chris Patching - Group Editor
Head of News, Oxford Journal 
Chris Paul
Chief Executive, Wythenshawe FM 
Chris PearsonChris Pearson
Presenter, BFBS Brize Norton 
Chris Pharo
News editor, The Sun 
Chris PhilipsChris Philips
Presenter, Jazz FM 
Chris Phillips
Presenter, BGfm Community Radio 
Chris Pitchford
Publisher, Revolution 
Chris Pollard
Presenter, Durham Onair 
Chris Pollitt
Features Editor, Performance Ford 
Chris Pope
Presenter, Radio West Fife 
Chris Power
Editor, CARVE 
Chris Pratt
Programme Director, BFBS Northern Ireland 
Chris PriceChris Price
Head of Music, BBC Radio 1 
Chris Price
Business Editor, KMTV 
Chris Prole
Presenter, Decadance UK 
Chris Quick
Editor, Accountancy 
Chris Quirk
Presenter / Producer, Manx Radio 
Chris Randolph
Presenter, WKSJ-FM - 95 KSJ 
Chris Ratcliff
Managing Director, Portland TV 
Chris Reardon
Presenter, Radio Tatras International 
Chris Reeve
Chief Engineer, HWD Hospital Radio 
Chris Render
Presenter, Vixen 101 
Chris Rider
News Editor, Forest FM 
Chris Ridge
Presenter: The Big Bang Query, RedShift Radio 
Chris Roberts
Presenter, MônFM 
Chris RobertsChris Roberts
Presenter, Wyvern 
Chris RobertsChris Roberts
Consulting Systems Engineer, CSRfm 
Chris RogersChris Rogers
Presenter, BBC News (UK) 
Chris RosChris Ros
Presenter, Capital UK 
Chris Rozak
Presenter, KDJE - 100.3 The Edge 
Chris Rudall
Station Director, In Demand Radio 
Chris Samuels
Presenter, Westside 89.6FM 
Chris SawyerChris Sawyer
Producer, Greg James, BBC Radio 1 
Chris Schofield
Deputy Programme Director, Decadance UK 
Chris Schofield
Presenter, Decadance UK 
Chris Shaw
Presenter, FUSE FM Ballymoney 
Chris Sheppard
Editor, Nutrition Review 
Chris SiviterChris Siviter
Presenter, Phoenix FM 
Chris Slack
Head of Music, Rockworld TV 
Chris Smith
Editor, Racing Post 
Chris Smith
Sports Editor, Coalville Times 
Chris Smith
Presenter, Ashdown Radio 
Chris Smith, The Naked Scientist
Presenter, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 
Chris Smowton
Head of Engineering, Cam FM 
Chris Stagg
Presenter, Surrey Hills Radio 
Chris Stanton
Presenter, Heartland FM 
Chris Stark
Creative Producer, Capital London 
Chris Steers
Programme Controller, Castledown FM 
Chris Stenning
Presenter, Decadance UK 
Chris StevensChris Stevens
Programme Director, CountryLine Radio 
Chris Stone
Presenter, BBC Radio Jersey 
Chris StoreyChris Storey
Presenter, VITA Radio 
Chris Story
Editor, The Cumberland News 
Chris Sturgess
Presenter, BFBS Salisbury Plain 
Chris StylesChris Styles
Editor, Evening Gazette 
Chris Sutton
Presenter, BBC Radio 5 Live 
Chris Tees
Presenter, East Devon Radio 
Chris Thame
Engineer, talkSPORT 
Chris Theocharous
Presenter, London Greek Radio 
Chris Thomson
Presenter, Northsound 1 
Chris Tompkins
Presenter, SkyWave Radio 
Chris Tyler
Presenter, Radio Skye 
Chris UhlmannChris Uhlmann
Chief Political Editor, Nine Entertainment Co. 
Chris VallanceChris Vallance
Producer, BBC Radio 4 
Chris Walker
Presenter, Source Radio 
Chris Wall
Station Manager, York Student Television 
Chris Warburton
Presenter, BBC Radio 5 Live 
Chris Ward
Content Operations & Group Production Director, Bauer Media Audio UK 
Chris Ward
Presenter, Q Radio - North West 102.9 
Chris Ward
Head of Engineering, Anker Radio 
Chris Wareing
Presenter, Apple FM 
Chris Watkinson
Sales Director, Jorvik Radio 
Chris Watts
Presenter, 107 Meridian FM 
Chris Weaver
Chief Engineer, Resonance FM 
Chris Weaving
Presenter, 101.8 WCR FM 
Chris West-Samuel
Presenter, Caithness FM 
Chris Whitehead
Journalist, BFBS UK 
Chris Williams
Editor, Scottish Daily Mail 
Chris Williams
Presenter, Manx Radio 
Chris Wilson
Presenter, Moorlands Radio 
Chris WoodChris Wood
Presenter, Heart South Wales 
Chris Wood
Producer, BBC Radio Oxford 
Chris WoodsChris Woods
Journalist, Sky Sports News 
Chris Wright
Presenter, Eagle 80s 
Chrisoula Sirigou
Presenter: Health & Healing, RedShift Radio 
Chrissanne MacDonald
Presenter, Radio Skye 
Chrissi Quinn
Vice Chairman, RamAir 1350am 
Chrissie Laming
Picture editor, Newquay Voice 
Chrissie Pollard
Presenter, That's Solent 
Chrissie SwanChrissie Swan
Presenter, Nova 100 
Chrissie Woodward
Sales Director, Oxford Journal 
Chrissie Woodward - Sales DIrector
Sales Director, Oxford Journal 
Chrissy Meechan
Presenter, Edge 1 
Chrissy Moog
Station Manager, Sine FM 
Chrissy MuirChrissy Muir
Presenter, Susy Radio 
Christelle RebièreChristelle Rebière
Presenter, RTL 
Christian Bragg
Producer, Radio CityTalk 
Christian BroughtonChristian Broughton
Editor, The Independent 
Christian CarlisleChristian Carlisle
Presenter, BBC Radio Sheffield 
Christian Cudnik
Presenter, The Flash 
Christian Dollimore
Presenter, Rare FM 
Christian Frank
Presenter, Radio Stitch 
Christian HowesChristian Howes
Presenter, TNT Sports 1 
Christian Jones
Journalist, Manx Radio 
Christian March
Journalist, Melton Times 
Christian MayChristian May
Editor, City A.M. 
Christian MitchellChristian Mitchell
Executive Producer, GB News 
Christian O'ConnellChristian O'Connell
Presenter, Gold 104.3 
Christian Price
Publisher, TRADER Monthly 
Christian Spooner
News Editor, BBC Radio Merseyside 
Christian Stevenson
Presenter, TotalRock 
Christian Thomsett
Presenter, Seaside Hospital Radio 
Christian WilliamsChristian Williams
Presenter, Virgin Radio UK 
Christiane AmanpourChristiane Amanpour
Presenter, CNN International 
Christie JamesChristie James
Presenter, 80s+ @103.7 
Christie RichardsChristie Richards
Designer, Aiir 
Christina Hills
Presenter, Rare FM 
Christina Littleson
Presenter, Pulse 98.4 
Christina Neal
Editor, Women's Fitness 
Christina Ongley
News editor, The Echo 
Christina Samarin
Music Director, Boom Radio 
Christine Belle
Presenter, BBC Radio Nottingham 
Christine Black
Presenter, Rhondda Radio 
Christine Blythe
Presenter, Pendle Community Radio - Awaz 103.1FM 
Christine Charles
Presenter, Radio Plus 
Christine Farrell
Station Manager, KCC Live 
Christine Free
Presenter, Erewash Sound 
Christine Hayes
Editor, Olive 
Christine Horton
Editor, Channel Business Solutions 
Christine Kidney
Editor, The Book Magazine 
Christine MacDonald
Presenter, Oban FM  
Christine Michael
Editor, Slimming World 
Christine Murray
Deputy Editor, The Architects' Journal 
Christine Ottery
Editor, Active 
Christine RichieChristine Richie
Presenter, NEW 102.7 
Christine Slomkowska
Managing Director, 103 The Eye 
Christine VasquezChristine Vasquez
Broadcast Journalist, GBC 
Christophe Docherty
Presenter, Radio Magnetic 
Christophe PacaudChristophe Pacaud
Presenter, RTL 
Christophe RavetChristophe Ravet
Presenter, Nostalgie 
Christopher BlanchettChristopher Blanchett
Weather Forecaster, BBC Scotland 
Christopher EnglandChristopher England
Christopher FowlerChristopher Fowler
Journalist, The Independent 
Christopher HopeChristopher Hope
Journalist, The Daily Telegraph 
Christopher Leroux
Assistant Station Manager, LSUTV 
Christopher Nye
Contributing Editor, A Place in the Sun Magazine 
Christopher Phin
Editor, Tap! 
Christopher Preston
Presenter, Xpression FM 
Christopher Sinclair
Presenter, Radio Scarborough 
Christopher Smith
Journalist, Fleet News 
Christopher South
Presenter, BBC Radio Cambridgeshire 
Christopher Thomson
Chairman, DC Thomson Media 
Christy DeHavenChristy DeHaven
Community Programmes Editor / Presenter, Manx Radio 
Chrys Castle
Presenter, 100.5 The Fox 
David CochraneDavid Cochrane
Communities Editor, The Irish Times 
Dr Chris BrownDr Chris Brown
Host of Bondi Vet, Channel 10 
Gordon ChreeGordon Chree
Reporter and Presenter, STV Central 
Helen Gilchrist
Presenter, Argyll FM 
Hughes Chris
Regional Managing Director North West, Newsquest Media Group 
Jarred ChristmasJarred Christmas
Presenter, FUBAR Radio 
Mario Chrisostomou
Managing Editor, BFBS Radio 2 
Pandora ChristiePandora Christie
Presenter, Heart London 
Patrick ChristysPatrick Christys
Presenter, GB News 
Philip ChryssikosPhilip Chryssikos
Presenter, LBC News 
Prof. Christopher French
Editor, The Skeptic Magazine (UK) 
Rachel Cochrane
Presenter, BFBS UK 
Sarah Gilchriest
Publisher, Marketing Week 
Tony Christian
Presenter, Radio Caroline Flashback 
Ward McGauchrin
Presenter, Westway Radio 
Xtreme Chris
Presenter, 102.8 Chorley FM 

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The Cat 107.9The Cat 107.9
GB flagNantwich & Crewe 
Heartland FMHeartland FM
GB flagPitlochry, Aberfeldy and Dunkeld 
90.1 Hope FM, Voice of Hope Radio90.1 Hope FM, Voice of Hope Radio
GB flagBournemouth, Christchurch & Poole 
Hospital Radio LeightonHospital Radio Leighton
GB flagSouth Cheshire Hospitals 
RedShift RadioRedShift Radio
GB flagSouth Cheshire 


Media news archive

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Chris Allen to scale back role at A Current Affair
AU flagTV Tonight - published 1 week, 5 days ago
Daily newspaper launches ‘books for Christmas’ appeal
GB flagHold the Front Page - published 2 weeks, 4 days ago
Do They Know It’s Christmas (copy advice time)?Do They Know It’s Christmas (copy advice time)?
GB flagRadioCentre - published 1 month, 2 weeks ago
Soprano who inspired Christine in the Phantom returns to the stageSoprano who inspired Christine in the Phantom returns to the stage
IE flagBrisbane Times - published 1 month, 3 weeks ago
Georgia Dullea, 90, Dies; Reporter Chronicled a Changing SocietyGeorgia Dullea, 90, Dies; Reporter Chronicled a Changing Society
GB flagNew York Times - published 1 month, 4 weeks ago

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