RAJAR vs TuneIn - radio stations in the UK

Is there a relationship between the total number of TuneIn followers that a radio station has, and their RAJAR weekly reach? Here’s a bit of fun to find out. Hover over each data point to see the figures for each station.


You can zoom in on smaller stations by setting maximum/minimum levels of the graph above:

The above graph contains 153 data points.

The Pearson’s Correlation Coefficient between TuneIn and RAJAR, of the data above, is 0.84. A coefficient above 0.4 is supposed to show a strong positive relationship; above 0.7 a very strong one.

Of the data above, 3.5 is the average multiplier between RAJAR weekly listening and TuneIn followers. So, if you have 2,000 TuneIn followers, you could have 6,941 listeners.

Caution: the above graph may be a silly thing to do - TuneIn followers simply show the total amount of people who have hit a follow button. RAJAR weekly reach show people who listen to a station regularly. We probably shouldn’t be comparing them.
Source: RAJAR Q2, 2021; TuneIn data is updated weekly.