How to watch live television on your Google Chromecast

There are plenty of live TV news channels that you catch watch on your Chromecast. Here's how.

By James Cridland
Posted 18 May 2016, 5.32am bst
James Cridland

Want to watch live television on your Google Chromecast? Perhaps you want an alternative to pay-tv, but you're still a news junkie? Here's a list of some of the English-language news channels you can get on the big screen.

Not got a Google Chromecast? They're inexpensive devices that plug straight into your TV. While Amazon don't sell them, you'll find them in your local Best Buy, JB-Hifi or Currys.

Via YouTube

Click on the below link to open these channels in YouTube, and then hit the 'cast' button to get them on your television. These links also work in most YouTube-enabled smart TVs and set-top boxes, and work on Android and iOS phones.

YouTube doesn't give live streams a permanent link, so these links may have changed. However, you should be able to search to find their new pages.

From your Android phone or Chromebook

A little more clunky, but with an Android phone or Chromebook, you'll find a Cast button in the video of the following channels by visiting the websites below. Where an official feed exists, we've used it rather than third-party aggregators.

Using your laptop's tab-casting feature

Even more clunky than above, but if you are running Chrome with the Chromecast extension on your laptop, you can view these channels on your TV by clicking the Cast extension logo and casting a live tab. This is unlikely to work brilliantly, but it's better than nothing...

Know of any more? Have any links changed? Let us know in the comments!

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