Search for pardoo

We’ve searched for media titles (including their former names and callsigns), tags, places, and people named ‘pardoo’, and for media news stories. We’ve also attempted to correct some misspellings, too.

Media titles and organisations


Pie RadioPie Radio
GB flagManchester 
Pirate 2Pirate 2
GB flagCornwall 
Pop Up RadioPop Up Radio
GB flagSelected DAB transmission areas 
Pure RadioPure Radio
GB flagCentral Scotland & Aberdeenshire 
Boom RadioBoom Radio
AU flagPerth 
Westway RadioWestway Radio
GB flagDundee, Perth, Angus & Fife 


Based in ‘pardoo’


Hit WAHit WA
AU flagRegional Western Australia 
Hospital Radio PerthHospital Radio Perth
GB flagPerth Royal Infirmary and Murray Royal Hospital, Perth 


Perthshire AdvertiserPerthshire Advertiser
GB flagPerth, Kinross, Pitlochry