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We’ve searched for media titles (including their former names and callsigns), tags, places, and people named ‘grouphitsradionetwork’, and for media news stories. We’ve also attempted to correct some misspellings, too.

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Radio CityRadio City
GB flagLiverpool 


Radio CityRadio City
GB flagLiverpool 
Clyde 1Clyde 1
GB flagGlasgow and West Central Scotland 
Cool FMCool FM
GB flagBelfast 
Forth 1Forth 1
GB flagEdinburgh, The Lothians, Fife and Falkirk 
Free Radio (Herefordshire & Worcestershire)Free Radio (Herefordshire & Worcestershire)
GB flagHerefordshire and Worcestershire 
Free Radio (Black Country & Shropshire)Free Radio (Black Country & Shropshire)
GB flagBlack Country and Shropshire 
Free Radio (Coventry & Warwickshire)Free Radio (Coventry & Warwickshire)
GB flagCoventry and Warwickshire 
GB flagEast Midlands 
Greatest Hits Radio Scottish Borders & North NorthumberlandGreatest Hits Radio Scottish Borders & North Northumberland
GB flagScottish Borders and North Northumberland 
Hallam FMHallam FM
GB flagSouth Yorkshire and the North Midlands 
Hits Radio Bournemouth & PooleHits Radio Bournemouth & Poole
GB flagBournemouth, Poole and Christchurch 
Lincs FMLincs FM
GB flagLincolnshire & Newark 
Metro RadioMetro Radio
GB flagTyneside, Wearside, Northumberland and County Durham 
GB flagHighlands, Moray and Aberdeenshire 
Northsound 1Northsound 1
GB flagAberdeen and Surrounding Areas 
Pirate FMPirate FM
GB flagCornwall, Plymouth and West Devon 
Pulse 1Pulse 1
GB flagBradford, Kirklees, Calderdale & Leeds 
Rock FMRock FM
GB flagLancashire 
Signal 1Signal 1
GB flagStaffordshire and Cheshire 
Tay FMTay FM
GB flagDundee and Perth 
GB flagTeesside, County Durham, North Yorkshire 
Viking FMViking FM
GB flagEast Yorkshire and Northern Lincolnshire 
Wave 105Wave 105
GB flagSolent 
The WaveThe Wave
GB flagSwansea and Surrounding Areas 
West FMWest FM
GB flagAyrshire & The South West