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Capital LondonCapital London
GB flagGreater London 


Capital BirminghamCapital Birmingham
GB flagBirmingham 
Capital CymruCapital Cymru
GB flagAnglesey & Gwynedd 
Capital East MidlandsCapital East Midlands
GB flagEast Midlands 
Capital LancashireCapital Lancashire
GB flagLancashire 
Capital LondonCapital London
GB flagGreater London 
Capital ManchesterCapital Manchester
GB flagGreater Manchester 
Capital North EastCapital North East
GB flagNorth East England 
Capital North West and North WalesCapital North West and North Wales
GB flagNorth Wales Coast, Wrexham & Chester and The Wirral 
Capital South CoastCapital South Coast
GB flagSouth Hampshire 
Capital ScotlandCapital Scotland
GB flagCentral Scotland 
Capital South WalesCapital South Wales
GB flagCardiff and Newport