#RAJAR - Sun FM number one in Sunderland

By James Cridland for
Posted 6 August 2015, 1.01am bst

Sun FM

RAJAR day is a happy day for Sun FM, the local radio station for Sunderland, who have posted number 1 figures for reach, share and total hours; and number 1 during the all-important breakfast slot.

The UKRD-owned station dropped slightly in terms of total reach, but saw Metro and Capital swap places underneath it in its TSA.

Simon Grundy, Programme Controller and Breakfast Presenter, said: "There are 44 radio stations on the research diaries in our area, and it makes me very proud to see, once again, that we are consistently number 1 in the area (Reach, Share, Total Hours and at Breakfast) beating ALL other stations, and personally for me being on air at Breakfast for 18 years here is still as popular as ever."

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