Panjab Radio expands to Norway in digital expansion

By James Cridland for
Posted 20 January 2016, 2.00pm gmt

Radio stations are using digital to expand their footprint. The UK now has many formerly local radio stations on national DAB radio, like KISS and Capital Xtra; and now, some UK radio stations are using DAB to help them expand overseas.

In November 2015, Panjab Radio started broadcasting in Berlin on DAB+. There are 70,000 asians living in Berlin, and Panjab offers programming unavailable on the FM dial.

Panjab Radio, which is on a number of multiplexes around the UK, is now also available on DAB+ in Norway: in the capital, Oslo, and in the county of Akershus which surrounds it. 35,000 people in Norway (mostly concentrated on the capital) are from Pakistani descent. Immigrants form 26% of the Oslo population.

Foreign-language radio stations are available across many DAB+ services, including a variety of language services in London and Australia. English-language radio stations are available on DAB+ in Malta, Belgium, Switzerland and other countries.

Press release

Panjab Radio now on DAB+ radio in Oslo & Akershus in Norway

Panjab Radio will give access to an excellent programming and cater for the needs of the 100,000+ Asians living in Oslo & Akershus.

Panjab Radio is now broadcasting on DAB+ 13B network in Oslo & Akershus. This is a continuance of give more to the listeners. After expanding out to Berlin in Germany, Panjab Radio received overwhelming support and appreciation from listeners in the area. This sparked more requests from listeners in other countries seeking access to Panjab Radio other than satellite platform.

Surjit Ghuman MBE, Managing Director says: “Reaction of Berlin’s Asian community welcoming Panjab Radio in Germany gave Panjab Radio team the boost it needed to explore other areas in Europe and we are starting with Norway. Previously Panjab Radio was only available via satellite.

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