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Posted 25 March 2015, 3.00pm gmt

Gordon Cragg

A local radio group in Northampton has been awarded a community radio licence for Northampton. The application, a joint venture with the University of Northampton, has been in the planning stages for over two years. The licence will run for a period of five years and NNBC will broadcast on FM.

Terry Doyle, Station Manager at Northampton’s newest radio station, says “I’m delighted that Ofcom has approved our application and the hard work begins now. NNBC will provide an original, innovative and truly local radio service aimed at the clearly identifiable community that live, learn, work and play in Northampton and its environs”

Chair of the new community radio station, and former Northampton MP Tony Clarke said. "We are delighted with Ofcom's decision, and the ongoing support from the University, as a board we have felt that Northampton's local media offer needed a boost, and its people a voice, we want to showcase the best of Northampton and provide news, music and spoken word content which is fresh and relevant to the local community. We have a lot of work ahead of us now to give birth to the new station, but our intention is be on air in the summer of 2015"

Local speech output is what defines community radio, yet it’s the most expensive to create and the most difficult to sustain. NNBC solved this dilemma through its unique partnership with the University of Northampton. Media and Journalism students from the University will provide a significant amount of the talent that will enable NNBC to create quality local speech content.

Steve Taylor, deputy dean of the School of the Arts at the University of Northampton, added: “The granting of a licence for NNBC to broadcast for five years is fantastic news for the people of Northampton and our students. Those studying our Multimedia Journalism course will be able to benefit from real-world experience by assisting with production, content and presenting duties – all of which will increase their future employability.”

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