Juice Liverpool launches new local music show

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Posted 29 June 2015, 4.16pm bst

Juice FM

Liverpool radio station Juice has launched a brand new Sunday night show in which musicians from the Merseyside area are showcased, and the station is also the first in the country to officially playlist local talent, Louis Berry and his debut single, “25 Reasons”.

Content Director at Juice Liverpool, James Brownlow says “At Juice we are obsessed with playing the music the young audience of Liverpool and the rest of the UK love. Louis Berry’s “25 reasons” is one of those songs we believe our audience craves and will enjoy for years to come. The fact that he is a local lad to our city is something our Liverpool audience will be proud of, and they can now access more great fresh music from their city on our new show.”

The all new ‘One Crazy Gig with Jay & Ellie’ series runs on Juice until September and will be building up to the Liverpool International Music Festival 2015, exposing local artists who have played or will be playing the festival, and getting the city excited for Europe’s biggest free music event.

Already the show has introduced the Juice audience to Merseyside favourites such as Tea Street Band, MIC Lowry, The Hummingbirds, Natalie McCool, Shamona, Blue Saint, Luke Cusato, Roxanne Jones, The Visitors, She Drew the Gun, Xam Volo & Katy Alex.

Hosts Jay Hynd & Ellie Phillips, Liverpool radio & TV Presenters, are excited to give musicians local to Liverpool a platform: “The talent in this city is unbelievable, music flows through our veins in Liverpool so it is only right we shout about it, we are the world capital of number one singles after all. From rock, pop and indie to more urban flavours like hip hop and soul, Liverpool has got it all and we are super excited to be shouting loud and proud about it on Juice”

You can hear the show every Sunday 2200-0100 on 107.6FM, DAB or on the iOS and Android Juice Liverpool app.

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