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Posted 24 November 2014, 11.32am gmt

From today (Monday 24th November 2014) JACK 2 listeners in Oxfordshire can play what they want from 7am to 9pm during the week and for loads of hours at the weekend too.

All they have to do is visit or download the free interactive JACK 2 App for iPhone and Android, powered by LDR, or “Listener Driven Radio”. Using the innovative LDR.Takeover technology from America, listeners click ‘like’ on songs they like to bump them up the playlist and can also bump songs they don’t like down the list. There are also opportunities to dedicate songs to people and message them via social media to let them know.

The station has also launched a new "Playing What You Want Breakfast" with Rich Smith, Monday to Friday between 7am and 9am, where listeners pick the songs to match their morning mood on the way to work in Oxfordshire. And a new lunchtime feature – JACK UP THE 90s – will also be part of the new line-up, where listeners can vote exclusively for their favourite songs from the decade that fashion forgot.

Programme Director Tim Parker said: “We’ve seen listener interaction grow rapidly on JACK2 and it’s now time to allow the audience to take control of the music all day. The innovative technology we’re using is very addictive for the audience; once you start voting songs up or down the playlist you can’t help but hang around and watch to see if your song will play next. Online is as big a part of the station as on air.”

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