Community Station Sedgemoor FM Saves The Breeze

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Posted 21 April 2017, 3.04am bst

Sedgemoor FM

Sedgemoor FM, a community radio station based in Bridgwater Somerset are committed to all aspects of their community, including what some might consider, rival commercial radio stations. In a gesture of good-will and community support, Sedgemoor FM have ensured that the Commercial Station, The Breeze, (operated by Celador and broadcasting across Bridgwater and surrounding areas) were put back on air and back to full service only hours after a catastrophic power failure in their transmission system.

On Tuesday 11th April 2017 the whole of Bridgwater, Somerset suffered power outages, which took both Sedgemoor FM, and The Breeze off air as they share the same transmission site. Sedgemoor FM’s own engineering team were first on-location as the company tasked with maintaining The Breeze (Radica) are based some 3 hour’s drive away in Hove, on the south coast.

After diagnosis and consultation with Celedor’s own in-house engineering team in Southampton, Sedgemoor FM’s techies were able to restore temporary power to The Breeze enabling them to restart and then continue broadcasting, minimising any further inconvenience to their listeners and of course, valued commercial clients.

Of the act of kindness, Sedgemoor FM’s Grant Francis says “We value every aspect of our community whether its a not for profit group, school, club or a business in Sedgemoor. The Breeze are part of our community and we couldn’t leave them stranded. We were in a position to help them out so we did what we could to get them back on-air. I’m sure they would do the same for us and, where possible, support what we do too.”

It is understood that The Breeze’s own engineers will be attending to the transmission system to replace the equipment damaged by the power outages in the coming days.

Sedgemoor FM, can be heard on 104.2FM in Bridgwater and online at and is a shining example of community radio.

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