Broadcasting and radio now part of Scout programme

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Posted 26 January 2015, 12.42pm gmt

Scouts in the UK can now be rewarded for radio and audio production, as a slew of new badges have been revealed.

Scout Radio, a national active support group supporting young people in the movement to try radio, encouraged the Scout Association to include radio in the new ‘media relations and marketing’ activity badge, which can be completed by Scouts aged 10-14.

Martin Steers, active support manager for Scout Radio, said: “It’s fantastic that modern Scouting encourages and supports young people to get involved and discover the world of media.

“We’re thrilled that taking part in broadcast radio can help achieve this new badge.”

The badge requirements include the option to “Prepare and present an audio or video package about a Scouting event or activity. The report should be accurate, informative and reflect the adventure of Scouting.”

The badge also encourages groups to visit and engage with local media outlets, such as radio stations and newspapers.

Released today, the new requirements will be phased in over the next few months, with groups expected to use the badges by September.

Scout Radio is currently developing a resource pack to support groups with no experience to record and edit their own audio packages, using basic audio equipment and smartphones.

In addition, Scout Radio members will also visit groups wishing to develop their radio skills further, and help them produce their own show.

An advanced version of the same badge is available for Explorers (aged 14-18), while elements of radio and audio are included in the Communicator badge for Cubs (aged 8-10).

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