How to get into the most popular podcast directories

Submitting your podcast to these services makes sure you'll be listened-to

By Carey Green
Posted 16 August 2014, 11.05pm bst
Mingo Hagen

Being in the best podcasting directories will make your show more visible to potential listeners... and we all want more potential listeners, right?

Below is a list of the best podcast directories (places where you will want to submit your show). I can do this for you, for a one-time (US)$75 fee, or you can do it yourself. The only exception is that I cannot submit you to iTunes because it has to be done from your computer using their software - that's in their user agreement. But below I’ll point you to a link showing you how to do that.

Here’s my list of top podcast directories:

iTunes Your submission to iTunes has to go through your own iTunes store account if you’ve already set one up, which you access through Apple’s iTunes program. If you aren’t using iTunes you’ll have to download it here. No matter how many directories pop up over time, or how you feel about the growth of the “Apple monster”, iTunes is still the number one place podcasts are found. In my humble opinion, iTunes is the very first place you should go to submit your podcast. If it seems intimidating, Ray Ortega of the Podcasters Studio has produced a video on how to submit your show to the iTunes store.

Windows Phone 7/8 This used to be known as “the Zune marketplace.” Yes, Zune is that now-defunct mp3 player that microsoft tried to market for a while. But they are still into podcasting, believe it or not, and are working hard to distribute quality shows. Rob Greenlee is the guy in charge of it, and he asks that you do this: Email your Show title and RSS feed url to him at to get listed in the podcast store. And here’s a bonus tip for Windows users: If you want a good podcast listening device, you can download and use the Zune Media Player software to browse, subscribe and listen to podcasts.

Miro Miro is a great media player that also has its own community, including a directory of podcasts… and it’s open-source (meaning it’s “free” and openly developed). Lots of tech oriented folks are into the “open source” thing and frequent the Miro marketplace and directory often. The software is available for users on most major operating systems (Mac, Windows, Linux), which means that anyone who uses a tech device can get access to your show through Miro. You should make sure your podcast is listed in their directory.

Stitcher Stitcher is a mobile podcast app which streams audio of various kinds, including podcasts. It’s a growing service (over 20,000 shows listed as of now) and is offering another great platform where your great content can be found and heard. They are also working to get their service into more and more new cars. If you do not get your show on Stitcher, you are going to be missing out on expanding your audience.

TuneIn TuneIn is an app that allows you to listen to all kinds of audio (music, sports, news, podcasts) from almost any device! It’s also already available in certain new cars (Ford, Chevrolet, and Tesla), and on smart TVs too. To submit your podcast to their catalog, email, and include the following: Show Title, Location, Cover art (Attach to email a 600×600 pixel JPG or PNG file), XML or RSS Feed URL, Website URL, Genre, Your Email, Your Twitter Handle (if you have one).

Player FM Player FM is an up and coming podcast directory that sports its own app… so you can have their player right on your smart phone or tablet through which you can subscribe to shows listed in their directory. Like I said, it’s “up and coming” and growing all the time. I’d suggest you do what you can to get into their directory. If you want to “suggest” your podcast, fill out all the information asked for here. From my experience, it’s pretty quick and painless.

DoubleTwist Doubletwist is popular, free software similar to iTunes and it’s quickly gaining ground in the marketplace. One of the coolest things about Double Twist is that not only do they offer your podcast for download like iTunes, they also offer podcast streaming for free on mobile devices. Here’s how you can submit your show: Either go to their website contact page and choose the “submit a podcast” option, or email with the following information: your show title, your podcast-only RSS feed, and the categories you would like your show submitted to.

Blubrry Blubrry is a media hosting company, like Libsyn. However, they are more than that. They also host a podcast directory that is widely used in the podcasting community. They can even get your show listed on some of the streaming video boxes like Roku and Boxee. Here are the guidelines for getting yourself listed with Blubrry. A) You need to have at least seven episodes in your feed. B) Create an account with Blubbry and login. C) Add your podcast and include the following podcast information as it relates to your show: podcast title, podcast keyword (for Blubrry tracking), category, podcast-only RSS feed, and website address. On this one you’ll have to wait for approval.

Libsyn Like Blubrry, Libsyn is a media hosting company. But Libsyn has an additional little perk that is really cool. They provide podcast apps for some of the folks who host their media on Libsyn (those who pay for it). What does that mean for you? It means that Libsyn has their own directory of shows that can be automatically pulled into their podcasting app, and your show can be included in their directory. Here’s the scoop:

  • If you host your media with Libsyn, you may already be included in their app directory. You can search to see if your show is included in the Libsyn Podcast Source Directory here.
  • If your show’s media is not hosted with Libsyn, you can submit your show to be included in the Libsyn Podcast Source Directory by completing this form.

If you’d like me to make these submissions for you (with the exception of iTunes), check out my submission service under the “Bells and Whistles” section of the Podcast Fastrack homepage.

I hope that’s helpful! Get your podcast out there by submitting to these directories!

Carey Green — Carey Green runs He is a marriage & family coach, speaker, author (fiction & non), course provider, and creator of online video courses.