Top Twitter followers for radio stations in Norway

We follow 9,277 Twitter accounts across the media. Where a radio station has more than one main account, we’re currently simply adding the followers together for now; reflecting the total follower number that these stations have. Click their names to discover more about them, and compare their followers with other social networks.

1. NRK Sport - @NRK_Sport86,007 followers
2. NRK P3 (2 accounts)77,006 followers
3. NRK Alltid Nyheter - @nrknyheter54,457 followers
4. NRJ - @NRJNorge9,341 followers
5. Radio Norge - @RadioNorgeAS2,994 followers
6. NRK mP3 - @NRKMP32,965 followers
7. NRK P1 - @NRKP12,226 followers
8. NRK P2 - @NRKP22,160 followers
9. P4 Radio Hele Norge - @P4Lyden1,989 followers
10. NRK Radio Super - @NRKSuper1,131 followers
11. KISS (Norway) - @KISSNorge433 followers
12. P5 Hits - @P5hits325 followers
13. P6 Rock - @P6Rock123 followers