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We are a little different from other places you might discuss things. isn't like other places to post comments or discussions.

We're here to be constructive and an interesting quality read - not to concentrate on anonymous discussion quantity. The below policy is different, too. We hope you enjoy using us; and you're welcome to comment on these policies.

We sub-edit things

Our discussion editors may sub-edit your comments. We may improve your posting's title to get you more views, or to make it clearer in the context of our discussion area. We can make your posts and comments look technically better, and we can also correct some spelling for clarity's sake. We'll not change anything more fundamentally (unless for a legal reason); and we will not edit to change your context. We don't sub-edit every comment that happens here - we've not the team to do that.

We remove personal insult

Sometimes, we'll also sub-edit to remove personal insult, while keeping your argument intact. We don't need the personal insult stuff. We do love a good argument.

Use a real name

Our users really like seeing real names: it helps constructive debate by ensuring that people are who they say they are. When you log in, we'll take your name from the service you used to log in, and link to your profile on that service when we can. If you post with an assumed name, you may be breaking the terms of the service that you've used to log in; and we may hide or delete any message you've posted.

Don't sell things

Overtly commercial messages may be removed. It's fine to mention your work or products in the course of a discussion, particularly when they're useful to the community; but not so fine to kick off a message with a blunt press release. ( for those!)

We might hide or remove posts completely

We welcome plurality of opinion. We don't like ad-hominem attacks: attack someone's opinion, not the person making it. We reserve the right to remove or hide posts that are rude or offensive, or for any other reason that we deem necessary to ensure a great discussion area. Free speech has limitations, after all. Our editors will not remove posts that simply disagree with their views.


6 years, 9 months ago

We reserve the right to remove or hide posts that are... or for any other reason that we deem necessary to ensure...

So, what was wrong with those threads, James?
And you still changed ("and we will not edit to change your context") the context: it was about all the radio in NI - you made it about one single event.

The question stays: were those older threads deleted, and why - if so?

6 years, 8 months ago

I see the old threads appeared. I presume it was a technical issue.

5 years, 7 months ago

Adding a point about starting multiple threads on the same subject or otherwise excessive?
"Chill" and "Something about 'Chill' too", e.g.

6 months, 3 weeks ago

hi any idea why i cant get misoul on the dab radio in my car? thanks.

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