Our jobs and data on other websites

Our jobs and directory data are available on a few other websites, and it might be handy to know this whether you're applying for a job or advertising one.

By James Cridland
Posted 8 January 2014, 9.58am gmt's directory data is used to power a number of other companies and services. You'll see our data within the RadioCentre website. Our data is also used by, and we power a few apps for UK Radioplayer.

We want to make sure that the largest amount of people see job vacancies posted on so, our jobs also appear on other websites.

We republish jobs within countries in the EU across our network of European websites.

Radio jobs

We syndicate our jobs to: The Student Radio Association.

If you’d like to use our jobs, we’d be happy to set up an RSS feed for you, or something more bespoke. Please contact us.

Our jobs are also tweeted via our twitter accounts, and are automatically published in our daily email newsletters.

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