E-mail addresses on our people pages

We list media email addresses for people who work in the media: here's more information

Andrea Moed

For people who work in large media companies, we may list a possible email address for them in their individual page on Here's a random example.

Many people use as a way of getting in touch with those in the media, and we do this as a courtesy to our visitors.

Email addresses listed in this way are based on their employer's personal email pattern. This e-mail pattern, like, is publicly available information. It's from this pattern that we guess a possible email address for people in our media directory.

If you work for a large company, your email address is always guessable in this way.

For your privacy

  • You might request a non-standard email address from your IT department, to keep your address from being guessed in this way.
  • You can request your 'guessed' email address to be hidden on by contacting us; though it won't stop others guessing it.
  • Things to know

  • We never publish e-mail addresses related to registrations. That information is always held private.
  • We don't actually hold the 'guessed' email address in any database. It's produced by combining the personal email pattern from the employer, and the person's name.
  • E-mail addresses on this website are obfuscated to make it harder for spammers to use.