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We list media email addresses for people who work in the media: here's more information

Andrea Moed

For people who work in large media companies, we may list a possible email address for them in their individual page on Here's a random example.

Many people use as a way of getting in touch with those in the media, and we do this as a courtesy to our visitors.

Email addresses listed in this way are based on their employer's personal email pattern. This e-mail pattern, like, is publicly available information. It's from this pattern that we guess a possible email address for people in our media directory.

If you work for a large company, your email address is always guessable in this way.

For your privacy

  • You might request a non-standard email address from your IT department, to keep your address from being guessed in this way.
  • You can request your 'guessed' email address to be hidden on by contacting us; though it won't stop others guessing it.
  • Things to know

  • We never publish e-mail addresses related to registrations. That information is always held private.
  • We don't actually hold the 'guessed' email address in any database. It's produced by combining the personal email pattern from the employer, and the person's name.
  • E-mail addresses on this website are obfuscated to make it harder for spammers to use.
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    4 years, 4 months ago

    current email address is

    2 years ago

    I am trying to obtain further information into the well being of Amy Arms. 2 Lodge Breck West Drayton.

    11 months ago

    Getting better all the time. But please do something about lighting. In the studio it always looks like you are in the middle of a power cut. Daylight should look like it. Come on GB News.

    1 month, 2 weeks ago

    Hi, just been listening to some one with relatives in their 20s who he calls children.
    Not so. Get them earning their keep and contribute to the hratong and electric

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